Virat Kohli Double Century 

Hey Dear, Do you know what is the exact number of Virat Kohli Double Century, wait let me tell you all about Virat Kohli’s game and his Double Centuries. Virat Kohli is a great cricket player. He hit the ball very well and scored lots of runs. He did something very special – he scored 200 runs in one game! Let’s learn more about his fantastic double centuries. Virat Kohli, known as a great cricket player, has left an indelible mark on the field. He is not just good; he is exceptional.

Virat Kohli Double Century 

Virat Kohli’s Double Century Story

First Big Score In July 2016, Kohli played against West Indies. He hit the ball so hard and got 200 runs! That’s a lot of runs. He hit the ball 24 times to the boundary. It was amazing to watch.

Lots of Big Scores Kohli is a record holder. He has hit 7 double centuries in Test cricket. That’s a big number! He is really good at hitting the ball far and making lots of runs.

His Biggest Score Kohli’s biggest score was 254 runs. He made these runs against South Africa in Test Cricket. He was very strong and played very well. Everyone cheered for him!

Virat Kohli’s Journey to Double Centuries

Unveiling the First Milestone– In the mesmerizing cricket world of July 2016, Virat Kohli, the star of India, took center stage against West Indies. The cricket field witnessed his exceptional talent and hard work. He hit the ball so skillfully and scored an astonishing 200 runs! Yes, you read that right – 200 runs in a single Test Cricket match. It’s a remarkable feat that deserves our attention and admiration.

Setting New Records– Virat Kohli has etched his name in cricket’s record books as a player who holds not just one or two, but an impressive total of 7 double centuries. This is something truly extraordinary and speaks volumes about his consistent performance, dedication, and exceptional technique.

The Moment of Greatness– Among these incredible double centuries, one stands out as the crowning jewel. It was when Virat Kohli scored his seventh double century in IPL match. This remarkable milestone was achieved when he faced South Africa in Pune. With his brilliant skills and sheer determination, he smashed an incredible 254 runs. It was indeed a moment that cricket fans will cherish forever.

Virat Kohli Double Century & Century List

No.Century & Double CenturyOppositionVenueDate
1107Sri LankaEden Gardens, Kolkata24-Dec-09
2102*BangladeshSher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Dhaka11-Jan-10
3118AustraliaAPCA-VDCA Stadium, Visakhapatnam20-Oct-10
4105New ZealandNehru Stadium, Guwahati28-Nov-10
5100*BangladeshSher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Dhaka19-Feb-11
6107EnglandSophia Gardens, Cardiff16-Sep-11
7112*EnglandFeroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi17-Oct-11
8117West IndiesAPCA-VDCA Stadium, Visakhapatnam02-Dec-11
9133*Sri LankaBellerive Oval, Hobart28-Feb-12
10108Sri LankaSher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Dhaka13-Mar-12
11183PakistanSher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Dhaka18-Mar-12
12106Sri LankaMRIC Stadium, Hambantota21-Jul-12
13128*Sri LankaR. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo31-Jul-12
14102West IndiesQueen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain05-Jul-13
15115ZimbabweHarare Sports Club, Harare24-Jul-13
16100*AustraliaSawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur16-Oct-13
17115*AustraliaVCA Stadium, Nagpur30-Oct-13
18123New ZealandMcLean Park, Napier19-Jan-14
19136BangladeshKhan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium, Fatullah26-Feb-14
20127West IndiesHPCA Stadium, Dharamshala17-Oct-14
21139*Sri LankaJSCA International Stadium, Ranchi16-Nov-14
22107PakistanAdelaide Oval, Adelaide15-Feb-15
23138South AfricaM. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai22-Oct-15
24117AustraliaMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne17-Jan-16
25106AustraliaManuka Oval, Canberra20-Jan-16
26154*New ZealandPunjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali23-Oct-16
27122EnglandMaharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune15-Jan-17
28111*West IndiesSabina Park, Kingston06-Jul-17
29131Sri LankaR. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo31-Aug-17
30110*Sri LankaR. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo03-Sep-17
31121New ZealandWankhede Stadium, Mumbai22-Oct-17
32113New ZealandGreen Park Stadium, Kanpur29-Oct-17
33112South AfricaKingsmead Cricket Ground, Durban01-Feb-18
34160*South AfricaNewlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town07-Feb-18
35129*South AfricaSuperSport Park, Centurion16-Feb-18
36140West IndiesACA Stadium, Guwahati21-Oct-18
37157*West IndiesACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam24-Oct-18
38107West IndiesMaharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune27-Oct-18
39104AustraliaAdelaide Oval, Adelaide15-Jan-19
40116AustraliaVidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur05-Mar-19
41123AustraliaJSCA International Stadium, Ranchi08-Mar-19
42120West IndiesQueen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain11-Aug-19
43114*West IndiesQueen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain14-Aug-19
44113BangladeshZahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chattogram10-Dec-2022
45113Sri LankaBarsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati10-Jan-2023
46166*Sri LankaGreenfield International Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram15-Jan-2023

Kohli in One Day Matches

Almost There Kohli hasn’t scored 200 runs in one day matches yet. But he did score 183 runs in one game. That’s very close to 200!

Cheering for Kohli Kohli is a hero for many people. He is a great player and he works very hard. He inspires other players to do their best too.

Why Kohli is Special

Great Indian Player Kohli is a special player for India. He hits the ball very well and makes the team proud.

Inspiring Others Kohli’s big scores inspire other kids to play cricket and practice hard. He is a role model for many.


Virat Kohli is a cricket star. He has scored double centuries and made the country proud. Even though he hasn’t scored 200 in one day matches, he is still amazing. He inspires kids to play cricket and do their best.


Q1: How many double centuries does Kohli have?

Kohli has hit 7 double centuries in cricket.

Q2: When did Kohli get his first double century?

In July 2016, Kohli got his first double century against West Indies.

Q3: What is Kohli’s biggest score?

Kohli’s biggest score is 254 runs against South Africa.

Q4: Did Kohli score 200 in one day matches?

No, Kohli hasn’t scored 200 in one day matches, but he did score 183 runs.

Q5: Why is Kohli special?

Kohli is special because he plays very well and inspires others to play their best.

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